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Universal Analytics (UA) have stopped after 01st July 2023 - Make the Switch to Google Analytics 4

Google will officially sunset Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. This means if you use Google Analytics and haven’t switched over to GA4 by that time, you will no longer receive any website data and could lose access to your historical data for good.

You cannot import your Google Analytics historical data from UA to GA4 because the two versions have different data collection models. And it’s unlikely that Google will provide a quick fix for this UA to GA4 migration problem. So you need to plan and act before the GA4 migration deadline approaches.

Why not get in touch with us and we will make sure you are migrated to GA4 before its too late?

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Do I Need to Switch to Google Analytics 4?

The answer is yes.

Google has retired the older version of Google Analytics in July 2023.

Don’t wait any longer, this is the time to upgrade. The sooner you get it set up, the more time you’ll have to get familiar yourself with its capabilities and interface.

Plus, you’ll be able to start collecting historical data and tracking metrics relevant to your business in the new form. That way, you’ll get a deeper understanding of your audience’s data and behaviour.

If you are advertising cross-channel and cross-platform, the only way to get a holistic view of traffic and performance centralised in one place is Google Analytics 4.


What is GA4 (Google Analytics 4)?

Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is the latest analytics property from Google. It allows you to measure both traffic and engagement on your website and app. GA4 will be the default and only option for tracking after 1st July 2023.

Google Analytics 4 allows and even encourages–users to create custom reports for the data they need. This significantly reduces the number of irrelevant, premade reports. In this way, your dashboard is less cluttered. You can find the most important data for your business faster, enabling you to make informed decisions more quickly, increasing your website and/or app’s effectiveness.

Are there any downsides to Google Analytics 4?

While there are a bunch of pros to GA4, there are a couple of cons that you should definitely consider before making the leap.

After Switching to GA4 You start with Zero Data
When you set up a GA4 account with your website, Google will start collecting GA4 data from that day onwards. This means that any historical data will not show in the GA4 view, so you won’t be able to compare new data with previous years until you’ve been using GA4 for more than a year.
Historical data isn’t deleted, it’s stored away in your Universal Analytics account, but it may be available for limited period.

It will take some time to get familiar
There are a lot of changes to wrap your head around with Google Analytics 4. If you’re familiar with the legacy version of GA, then making the switch and getting it running smoothly for you will most likely be time consuming.

Stressed about GA4? We are here to help you

Google is urging businesses to make the switch to GA4, and will automatically start configuring your Universal Analytics account starting in March. This may be helpful for simple websites, but for those with complex tracking needs, such as conversion tracking and eCommerce data, the most optimal option is working with our team to ensure a seamless transition to GA4.

We offer a range of services including:
GA4 Setup
Setup Events and Conversions
Migrate Audiences
GA4 E-commerce Conversion Tracking

Why Choose Us?

  • 15 Years+ Experience

    15 Years+ Experience

    When it comes to helping with your Google Ads account experience pays-off.

  • Served 100+ Clients

    Served 100+ Clients

    We have successfully projects in the UK and across the Globe.

  • Free Audit

    Free Audit

    We carry out in-depth diagnosis of your analytics to advice the best available solution

  • Google Analytics Specialists

    Google Analytics Specialists

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  • Seamless and Smooth Transition

    Seamless and Smooth Transition

    We take backup of all your tags before deploying new tags on to your website.

  • Clear Pricing - No Hidden Charges

    Clear Pricing - No Hidden Charges

    After initial review of your requirements, we will let you know estimated cost and timescale.

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