Have Your Google Ads Account Been Suspended?

We can help you in lifting your Google Ads account suspension

Google Ads is a vital tool that many businesses use to increase leads which ultimately results in higher profits. Despite this, it can often be the case where businesses find that their account has been suspended.

As a result, you’ll notice that your Ads have stopped being run, and even when you create another account, that becomes suspended too. What can also prove frustrating is that you don’t know what has caused this and so, you look for assistance in lifting this suspension.

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  • 15 Years+ Experience

    15 Years+ Experience

    When it comes to helping with your Google Ads account experience pays-off.

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    Transparent and Honest Advice

    We work with legitimate businesses and will always give you honest and transparent advice.

  • In-Depth Diagnosis

    In-Depth Diagnosis

    We carry out in-depth diagnosis of your account to identify the cause of the suspension.

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    Google Ads Specialists

    We are a team of Google Ads specialist and strictly follow Google Ads policies all the time.

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    Google Ads Policy Compliance

    We have a good experience in working within the specialised field of Google Ads compliance.

  • Clear Pricing - No Hidden Charges

    Clear Pricing - No Hidden Charges

    After initial review of your account we will let you know if we can fix your problem and how much will it cost.

Why Your Google Ads Account Might Be Suspended?


What Happens When Your Account is Suspended by Google?

Once your account has been suspended, you will not be permitted to run any ads or create new content. You can still access your account which will enable you to access any reports that have been generated.

Any new accounts that the advertiser tries to create may be suspended and prevent you from running any ads, including any that already exist.

Essentially, once your account is suspended, your ads will be stopped instantly and that includes ad groups and individual ads. As a result, when someone carries out a search, if your ads would have once appeared in SERPs, they no longer will and this also includes partner networks.

In addition to this, any additional accounts that are created might also be suspended and this also includes any Merchant Center account. Also, Merchant Center accounts linked to suspended Google Ads accounts may be suspended.

As experts in all aspects of Google Ads, we have seen many clients have their Google Ads accounts suspended. Fortunately, we can assist you when it comes to lifting your suspension and reinstating your account.

Common Mistakes Advertisers Make Following Their Account Suspension?

1. Google requires advertisers to recognise the problem and resolve it but appealing the suspension instantly simply won’t solve the situation. The reality is that when your account is suspended, it means that you are likely to have encountered issues that have caused the suspension but some advertisers take the approach that they haven’t violated any policies.

2. Some advertisers will assume that creating a new account will solve the issue but you shouldn’t create a new account. In addition to this, some advertisers become frustrated with Google and become irate but the aim should be to respect the decision and work with Google to identify the problem.

3. We recognise that having your account suspended can be frustrating and you want to reinstate it as quickly as possible but that doesn’t mean you should make multiple appeals. This can delay the review and leave your account suspended for longer.

Once your account has been suspended, there is nothing you can do other than to work with Google and take the right steps to put things right.


Why Does Google Suspend Google Ads Accounts?

There are Terms and Conditions in place that have to be followed in order to ensure that users and advertisers have a seamless experience. If these are violated then this will result in account suspension.

Advertiser actions can put users and partners at risk and Google takes its legal requirements and user safety seriously. Google has a reputation to uphold and to ensure that every user has a problem-free experience, the terms and conditions are there for a reason.

There Are Legitimate Reasons for Account Suspension

It might not be through the fault of the advertiser that the account is suspended. Google Ads constantly monitors activity and if there is an attempt to access an account without authorisation, then the account will be suspended temporarily. This kind of situation is out of the control of the advertiser and could occur as a result of being hacked. However, when Google takes this kind of action, it is doing so in order to protect users and prevent further malicious activity from taking place.

Of course, you might not comply with the Google Ads Grants Policy or you might create offensive advertisements that Google deems to be unsuitable and so, your account is suspended.

You might require or expect a detailed response as to why your account has been suspended but you won’t get that. You’ll receive some kind of explanation but this can seem extremely vague and that can leave you questioning why your account was suspended.


What Could You Do That Causes Google to Suspend Your Account?

Misrepresentation can be wide and varied but if you are deemed to have carried this out then your account will be suspended.

Google expects your website to be consistent but if you have two different versions, then this is going to prove an issue. This is considered to be circumventing their systems as Google will see one website and visitors will see another.

Deception is also frowned upon by Google because it values honesty and transparency. As a result, any deceptive practice is going to see your account suspended. The content you create might cover the likes of politics or social issues but if you do this, then you have to clearly identify who you are and how you are affiliated. Furthermore, taking users to a destination that is different to what is advertised is also seen to be deceptive.

Google also deals with trademark infringement extremely seriously. Counterfeit activities are forbidden and so, if you have a logo or trademarks that cannot be distinguished from another, you will face problems.

Business Practices That Are Considered Unacceptable

You are going to find that you are suspended if you deceive users into accessing ads that aim to obtain financial, personal or medical information. Furthermore, if your business is misrepresented which also includes products and services then you will also be banned for this too.

This is considered to be a serious violation of the rules and could not only lead to suspension but a permanent ban. If you make business propositions that are deceptive and misleading then you will be punished and this is also the case for claims that are false or unsubstantiated.

Transparency is also vital but if you mislead users or refrain from sharing vital information such as fees, payment terms or pricing then your account may be suspended too.

Forbidden Practices i.e. Circumventing Systems

Google wants users to have a meaningful and simple experience as well as one that is safe. If you are considered to be attempting to trick or deceive users by sending users to temporary landing pages or by undertaking cloaking, then this will work against you.

It is also important to make sure that you have the right data protection policies in place, especially if you collect sensitive data.

It is vital that there is consistency between your ads and your website because you cannot be seen to be misrepresenting information.

billing-and-payment-issues (1)

Issues Relating to Billing and Payment

Google expects advertisers to respect the billing and payment terms and conditions which means that abusing promotional codes is a no-go. You are prohibited from attempting to use multiple promotional codes or attempting to sell promotional codes as this is a direct route to suspension.

Any obscure or suspicious payment activity is also considered a concern and that could see your account restricted when it comes to how much you can spend. It could also mean that your account is suspended but this is likely to be done to protect you more than punish you.

It is also against the rules to request a chargeback against any Google Ads payments that are considered legitimate and this will result in account suspension.

Suspension from The Google Shopping Merchant Center

A new set of policies are in place when it comes to Google Shopping. These are known as Shopping Ads policies and every merchant will be expected to adhere to these but account suspension is likely to link to four areas known as prohibited content, prohibited practices, restricted content and editorial and technical.

Your business could be stopped in its tracks if you are suspended from using your Google Merchant Center. This is down to the fact that a lack of access to the Merchant  Centre means that you also won’t have access to Google Shopping.

It is common for advertisers to have their accounts suspended but be unaware of the reason, but this is a growing trend although it does help to know that Google does have restrictions in place for certain businesses.  This can include the sale of Alcohol, Adult Services, Gambling or Dangerous Goods.


Non-Verification Of the Account

Google asks a lot of advertisers to complete the verification process and this has become a common practice recently. This is to prevent misusing or abusing the Google Ads platform to conduct any unethical business or illegal business practices by advertisers.

Google ads is committed to building a safe, secure, fair, and trustworthy environment for advertisers and users. You will see a notification of advertiser verification and you are usually given 30 days to complete the advertiser verification from the date of notification.

The advertisers might be asked to complete the identity verification and business operations verification. The verification must be completed by the admins or the payment profiles paying for the account. Failure to complete the verification will result in account pausing or suspension.

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