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E-Commerce Tracking Installation - Done For You

Are you a e-commerce merchant and looking to integrate e-commerce transactions in your Google Analytics?

It is essential to know where your e-commerce sales are coming from. Most importantly when you are running paid ads i.e. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, FB Ads etc.

Google Analytics is discontinuing Standard universal analytics (UA) on 01st July 2023 and it won’t stop working after this date. It is recommended for universal analytics (UA) users to upgrade to GA4 before its too late.

Enhanced Ecommerce reporting is essential for efficient conversion rate optimization (CRO). It gives you an insight into how well your products are performing, tracks users’ activities, and provides an overall behavioral impression of your visitors. By analyzing this data, you can make better marketing decisions and create new strategies.

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Why You Need Enhanced E-Commerce For Your E-Commerce Store?

What is enhanced e-commerce and how it can help me?

Enhanced Ecommerce offers marketers the ability to fully customise Google Analytics around your website’s purchasing funnel. By tracking the purchase journey from when a user first visit your product right through to their eventual purchase, marketers get granular data for the entire buying funnel.

It provides more vital information regarding your customers and it gives you data that can be pivotal in boosting your conversion rate optimisation.

Also, Standard Ecommerce only covers website transactions on the Thank You/Order Confirmation page while Enhanced Ecommerce analyzes the whole journey your customers take on the website.

Enhance Ecommerce provides twice as many reports compared to Standard Ecommerce


How E-commerce tracking can help me?

Below are some engagement actions and metrics that you will get once you have the tracking tool up and running:

  • Campaign Views
  • Product Views
  • Campaign Clicks
  • Product Clicks
  • Shopping Cart Additions
  • Shopping Cart Changes
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Product Detail Page Views
  • Refund Requests
  • Purchase Activity
  • Coupon Code Activity
  • AOV (Average Order Value)

Viewer Engagement On Your E-commerce Website

E commerce Overview – Overview of viewer engagement on your e commerce website.

  • Shopping Behavior Analysis – The number of sessions in each stage of your purchase funnel, how many customers continued to the next stage, and at which stage did they abandon the funnel.
  • Checkout Behavior Analysis – This report shows how many visitors moved through the checkout phase.
  • Product Performance Report – Analyzes “Summary View” and “Shopping Behavior View”.
  • Sales Performance Report – Allows you to assess sales through Transaction, Date, Revenue, Tax, Shipping, Refund Amount, and Quantity.
  • Product List Performance – This report gives insight into how the product lists on your website are performing. It analyzes metrics such as Views, Clicks, and CTR.
  • Internal Promotion Report – Provides information regarding internal promotions. Metrics include Views, Clicks, CTR, and Name.
  • Order Coupon – Analyzes Revenue, Transactions, Average Value, and Order Coupon Code.
  • Product Coupon – Analyzes Revenue, Unique Purchases, Product Revenue per Purchase, and Product Coupon Code.
  • Affiliate Code – This report shows how affiliate websites influenced your E-commerce performance. It includes metrics such as Revenue, Transactions, Average Order Value, and Affiliation.

Behavioral and Product Performance Reports

The reports Enhanced E-commerce unlocks can be categorised into 3 main areas: behavioral (how users interact while shopping and checking out), product-focused (performance by brand, category, SKU, etc), and promotional (coupons, codes, and internal promotions).

The Product Performance report is your weapon of choice when it comes to analysing what people are actually buying (or not buying, or considering buying, as the case may be).

You can break this report down by name, SKU (useful if product name changes frequently), brand, category, or even a product-scoped custom dimension. Questions it can help you to answer include:

  • Which products are typically bought in bulk or just as a one-off?
  • Which product pages are failing to convert? Conversely, which products have the highest add-to-basket rates?
  • What are your top revenue-driving products? What is the crown jewel of your business, the cream of the crop.

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