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Google Ads Management

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It’s important that your product or service reaches the right audience. With Google Ads, your target audience will find you, as soon as they begin looking. Now is the time to cut through the crowd and get noticed by getting in touch with us to help you get noticed.

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Don't Settle For Less

We are running Google Ads successfully for over 15 Years. We have successfully delivered campaigns for over 1000 clients from one-man bands to multi-million-pound companies.

Free Audit/ Review

We will carry out a full audit and review on your existing Google Ads campaign. This enables us to understand what works and what doesn’t, all of which is provided before you commit.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have one point of contact, keeping communication simple and efficient. This allows our account manager to learn all about you and your business, helping them to determine what works best for you.

Fixed Pricing

We keep our pricing simple because you don’t need things overly complicated. With a fixed monthly fee, you’ll know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting. Simple.

30-Day Rolling Agreement

You won’t get tied into long-term contracts because we believe in flexibility. We also believe in what we do which is why we only offer 30-day rolling agreement.

Conversion Tracking

Through analytics and conversion tracking, we make sure that you understand exactly how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. This helps you to make informed decisions that benefit your business.

Full Optimisation

We don’t limit the time we spend on your campaigns and never restrict ourself while working on your account. We do everything that is necessary to get the best results.

Click Fraud Monitoring

Our aim is to protect your budget and we will recommend you using the best third-party tools to filter out fraudulent clicks. This ensures that you maximise your budget and get more from your campaigns.

Regular Meetings and Calls

Communication is key and that’s the reason why we provide monthly reports and regular correspondence. This shows that we never take our finger off the pulse and want to show you just how your campaigns are performing.

Let's Get Started Now!

Google Ads Management – Step-By-Step Approach

Through our experience and expertise, we have helped many businesses find success and reach their goals. We have a team of Google Ads specialists who thrive off getting results. They are qualified, skilled and dedicated to delivering tangible results that will take your business to the next level.

Google Ads Campaign Auditing

Through deep analysis, we will gain an understanding of your existing campaigns. This allows us to make tweaks and changes based on data that will make a difference.

Campaign Setup

Our team will manage the entire process of setting up your campaigns. We have experience of working on many successful campaigns that have helped businesses to thrive. This will include the setting up the Google Ads campaigns from scratch. Whatever is required, we will manage it all for you.

Conversion Tracking

The success of your campaign is based on conversion tracking as this will enable us to make informed decisions when bidding. With conversion tracking in place, we can gain a clear understanding of performance and then make the necessary changes.

Ad/Copy Creation

Our Google Ads copy will sell your business, your brand and will resonate with your audience. Furthermore, we carry out testing on your ads to ensure that they are optimised accordingly, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Landing Page Development

Google Ads campaigns will only do so much on their own and this is why we believe in creating dedicated landing pages that align with your campaign goals. From our experience focussed landing pages with clear information and proper CTA (call to action) convert better than your website. Our team of expert copywriters can create compelling content that engages with readers, all of which will help to sell your products or services.

Campaign Management

We have setup and managed 1000’s of campaigns for our clients in the UK and across the globe in the last decade. After setting up your campaigns using the most effective strategies, we will take a proactive approach to ensure that everything is managed efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    Whenever you get in touch with us, you’ll always deal with the same person. It’s that personal touch that goes a long way.

  • Clear Pricing

    Clear Pricing

    All of our prices are transparent, which means no nasty surprises

  • In-depth Keyword Research

    In-depth Keyword Research

    We carry out research to determine which keywords will work best for you. This helps to generate positive results.

  • No Contracts

    No Contracts

    We believe in freedom so we let you make the right decision for you and your business by not tying you into a contract.

  • Full Access

    Full Access

    You will still have complete control and access over your campaigns.

  • Extensive Testing

    Extensive Testing

    To get the right results, we test every possible option.

How Your Google Ads Campaign Will Begin

Stage 1

Google Ads Strategy and Campaigns Setup

Every Google Ads campaign that delivers is created around the right strategy as well as the right campaign structure and initial setup. The first month of your campaign will focus on creating the Google Ads strategy as well as creating the ad campaigns. The aim is to create a solid campaign that is designed in the right way. This allows us to ensure your budget is maximised.
So, we spend time creating your campaigns ensuring that they focus on different products or pages within your website. As part of the process, we will also create ad copy that converts as well as ensure that conversion tracking is on point.

Stage 2

Analysis of Landing Page and Development

Naturally, our clients want to know how quickly they will see results. However, the performance of your landing page is what really makes a difference. If it is optimised for conversion then it will align with your Google Ads campaigns, however, if it isn’t then it is likely to result in disappointment.
With our team by your side, they will carry out analysis on your landing page and will recommend any changes that will have a positive impact. We will ensure that all changes are made before any traffic is sent to them, this guarantees that your landing page works as hard as possible for you.

Stage 3

Google Ads Campaign Management

For your ads to perform well, it takes hands-on management. To ensure you see the highest ROI, we have a range of optimisations that we can implement. This can include new high-quality keywords through to running regular search query reports. We will make the necessary tweaks, alter bid optimisation and monitor landing page performance. Once we believe that everything is in place, we will then run your ads.

Our Clients

Our Case Studies

Industry: Mortgage


This client is an independent mortgage advisor based in the UK. They offer mortgage advice to first time home buyers and buy to let property buyers. Their customers come from all over the UK.


Industry: Car Rental


This client is a London’s leading automatic van, car and MPV rental company for domestic and European travel. They offer services to individuals and corporate customers.


Industry: Manufacturing


Leading product design and manufacturing company in the UK, specialised in product design, CAD design and 3D printing service. They offer their services to students, entrepreneurs and businesses.


Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We never expect our clients to have a minimum or maximum budget. We always provide our advice when it comes to recommending a budget and we do this using historic data and your industry as well as our understanding of both. Then, we will provide our recommendations that are there to help enhance the performance of your campaigns.

No, we have a 30-day rolling agreement in place, so there is no contract that you have to commit to. However, the performance of your account can take time, so we do recommend that you give it at least three months to perform as we expect it to.

It depend upon size of your account. However our monthly management plans start from £200 (includes minimum of 4 hours @ £50 / hour).

There is no one-price-fits-all as every client is different. Therefore, our charges are based on your account size, the time required to make your campaigns a success and the ad spend. As an example, we offer our service starting at £200 which covers up to £2,000 per month on ad spend.

We begin by creating a bespoke strategy based on your existing account. This will fit around your business goals and we look at competitors, carry out research while undertaking tracking and monitoring to ensure your campaigns perform as best as possible.
Within the first four weeks, our clients see the performance of their campaign grow but in the long-term, the results will speak for themselves.

Of course, you can attempt to do it yourself but it requires knowledge, experience and expertise to get it right. We are specialists and we know what is required to get results. Without knowledge or experience, you can end up spending more money than you need to and that could be saved by working with experts.
We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to running Google Ads and we have got results for each of our clients. We are a highly qualified agency with a team of experts and we are Google Certified.
You will receive monthly reports that allow you to see how your account is being used. This data will include impressions, clicks, cost/conversion, conversion rate and average CPC. All of this data will enable you to understand and see just how we are working for you.
We offer a range of services such as Microsoft Ads, Google Remarketing, Conversion Tracking, Landing Page Design, YouTube Ads and more.


Choose the the plan most suitable for your requirements.



  • Upto £2k Monthly Spend
  • 4 Hours Per Month
  • Bid Strategy Optimisation
  • Ads / Keywords / Bids Optimisation
  • Assets Optimisation
  • Search Queries Optimisation
  • Negative Keywords Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • * Setup Not Included
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  • Upto £5k Monthly Spend
  • 8 Hours Per Month
  • Bid Strategy Optimisation
  • Ads / Keywords / Bids Optimisation
  • Assets Optimisation
  • Search Queries Optimisation
  • Negative Keywords Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • * Setup Not Included
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  • Upto £10k Monthly Spend
  • 16 Hours Per Month
  • Bid Strategy Optimisation
  • Ads / Keywords / Bids Optimisation
  • Assets Optimisation
  • Search Queries Optimisation
  • Negative Keywords Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • * Setup Not Included
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