Free Google AdWords PPC Audit Report

Do you know that 85% of advertisers overspend on Google AdWords? This is mainly because either their account is not been setup correctly or it is not been monitored and optimised regularly.

Many of the advertisers even do not track the performance of their Google AdWords and sometimes their Google Analytics / conversion tracking / e-commerce tracking either does not show the correct data or is not installed at all.

Most of the advertisers experience one of more issues with their Google AdWords PPC Account

  • Low Conversion Rate
  • High CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Low CTR
  • Traffic does not convert
  • Low or negative ROI
  • No idea of what value they receive from Google AdWords
  • No analytics, no conversion tracking / e-commerce tracking
  • Campaigns stopped by Google
  • Not enough enquiries / signups / call back requests / telephone calls from their advertising

Our Google Certified Professional will analyse your account and prepare a PPC Audit Report. We will also offer you suggestions / recommendations to improve your ROI and overall performance of the Google AdWords account.

Our FREE PPC AUDIT REPORT will cover the following areas

  1. Campaigns / adgroups structure
  2. Keywords selection
  3. Ads / split testing / ad copy / DKI
  4. How to lower your cost?
  5. Conversion tracking / e-commerce tracking / goals
  6. How to improve the conversion rate?
  7. How to minimise the bounce rate?
  8. How to optimise your campaigns on an on-going basis?
  9. How to minimise your CPC?
  10. How to improve your Quality Score (QS) and CTR (Click Through Rate)?
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